Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Instructional Artists

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Jesus (Chuy) Hernandez

Jesus (Chuy ) Hernandez was born in 1952 in Mexicali, Baja California. His musical career began in the United States at the age of 11. Although he began playing trumpet in the school band, he eventually gravitated toward the guitar while in college. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education. His Mariachi career began in 1975 with Mariachi Los Galleros de Pedro Rey (his older brother). In 1981, he and his brother Jose formed Mariachi Sol de Mexico. In 1986, Sol de Mexico was finally given a permanent forum with the opening of Cielito Lindo Restaurant which to this day, continues to showcase its musical talent. Chuy continues to be an integral member of Sol de Mexico and will continue to be until the good Lord brings down the final curtain.

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Jorge Contreras

Nací el 8 de diciembre de 1985, en un pueblo de Jalisco, llamado Tecalitlán. Comencé a tocar la música mexicana desde los 8 años de edad. Todo comenzó como un juego para mis primos, mis hermanos y yo, pero conforme pasó el tiempo, ese juego se evolucionó en un mariachi infantil: "Mariachi Infantil Tecalitlense." Pasaron algunos años y mi padre formó el "Mariachi Teca de Tecalitlán." Cuatro años después, recibí la gran oportunidad de formar parte del "Mariachi los Potrillos de Jalisco" del maestro Crescencio Hernández, en la ciudad de Guadalajara por dos años y medio. Después regresé a Tecalitlán, mi ciudad natal, y fue allí donde me invitaron a formar parte del "Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco," al cual pertenecí solo algunos meses porque decidí regresar a la ciudad de Guadalajara, donde recibí otra invitación para ser parte de el "Mariachi Juvenil mi México." A los pocos meses decidí emigrar a los Estados Unidos. Al llegar, tuve una invitación para integrarme al "Mariachi Dorados de Villa" al cual pertenecí alrededor de dos años. Gracias a Dios, a la edad de 20 años, recibí la gran oportunidad de formar parte de uno de los mejores mariachis del mundo, "Mariachi Sol De México" del maestro José Hernández. Es para mí una gran satisfacción el poder ser parte de esta gran institución. Es mi sueño hecho realidad, desde niño anhelaba ser parte de tan prestigioso mariachi, y me siento muy contento el poder compartir momentos de mi vida con todos los integrantes de Sol de México, que aparte de ser grandes músicos, son muy buenos amigos. Le doy gracias a mis padres por inculcarme el arte de LA MÚSICA MEXICANA!!!!!!

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Erick Hernandez 

Erick Hernandez was born on June 18, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, making him the 6th generation of musicians in the Hernandez family. He began studying classical violin at the age of 5 through the age of 19. His professional mariachi career began in February of 2002 when he joined Mariachi Sol de Mexico. As of April 2007, he has come full circle and rejoined his father and uncle in Mariachi Sol de Mexico.

"Being chosen to be a violin section leader for the Nations Premier Mariachi--Sol de Mexico--has been both an honor and a challenge. 
Maintaining the style of playing that my family has exemplified for over 125 years plus promoting the advancement of technical aspects of the violin has become a dream come true. "

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Fernando Moreno

Fernando Moreno, violinist/vocalist, was born in Tucson, AZ to Mexican parents. It was here where his love for Mariachi music was nourished at a very young age. He began playing violin at the age of 12, in a youth group named Mariachi Los Changuitos Feos. Soon after, he began working professionally with Mariachi Cobre at Walt Disney World in Florida. Fernando has been a member of Mariachi Sol de Mexico since 1993. He also teaches voice to young mariachi enthusiasts at the Mariachi Heritage Society. His hobbies are painting and photography.

guillermo acuna headshot Guillermo “Willie” Acuña

Willie was born on March 12, 1984, in Brawley, CA and raised in El Centro, CA. He was exposed to music at a very young age through his parents and grandparents. At age 6, he attended his first concert at the Imperial Valley Fairgrounds where he was first introduced to mariachi through a performance of Sol de Mexico. Years later, he received his first mariachi trumpet lesson by Jose Hernandez. In high school, he was given recordings of “Conjunto Medellin” and “Los Costeños” which soon lead him to become interested in learning to play the harp.  After moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Willie received an invitation from Art Gerst to audition and became the harpist for Mariachi Sol de Mexico.

I look forward following in the footsteps of those who have come before me. The Music of Sol de Mexico has become a welcome challenge and I hope to make a mark with my own musical experiences. I am especially humbled by Maestro Hernandez and the wonderful artists of Sol de Mexico.
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Jorge Flores

Jorge Alberto Flores was born on November 10, 1989, in East Los Angeles. At an early age, he was fascinated by the music of mariachi and for this reason, began a musical career in Cocula, Jalisco--land of his parents and birthplace of the mariachi. At the age of 11, Jorge began studying in workshops offered by Mariachi Fletes.  When he eventually returned to Los Angeles, he enrolled in his middle school mariachi ensemble and began playing the guitarron. While a student at Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles from 2003 to 2007, Jorge performed with Mariachi Olimpico and as a result of many years of dedication and effort, he had the opportunity to be part of the best mariachi ensemble in the world--Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez. Jorge considers it to be a very great privilege to belong to this ensemble which he had admired since childhood.





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