Students, parents, administrators, teachers, and instructional staff  participating in Jose Hernandez’ Mariachi Nationals and Summer Institute will work together continuously to model positive behaviors that are conducive to the development of  character and ethics. It is expected that all attendees will follow the policies specified by each of the facilities.

  1. Respect.  Students demonstrate respect by being considerate of others and for the property of others.  Students demonstrate respect for themselves through adherence to these character traits.
  2. Integrity.  Students demonstrate integrity through honest and sincere interactions with others.  Students demonstrate artistic honesty by producing work that is theirs alone.
  3. Responsibility.  Students demonstrate responsibility by being dependable, accountable, and taking ownership for their actions.
  4. Empathy.  Students demonstrate empathy by being considerate of and  sensitive to racial, ethnic, cultural, and community values.
  5. Courage.  Students demonstrate courage by expressing their thoughts and feelings in a responsible and respectful way.
  6. Manners.  Students demonstrate good manners by being conscientious of  and respectful to adults and to each other at all times.



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